Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dental in Tampa & Wesley Chapel

At McIlwain & Chiaramonte Dentistry and Ahrens Orthodontics, we want to see healthy children and their smiles while building long-term relationships with every member of your family.

Our Board Certified Pediatric dentists perform a wide range of functions connected with a child’s oral and overall physical health. Those include:

  • Education for keeping healthy teeth and gums
  • Diets and Nutrition
  • Diagnosing, preventing and repairing tooth decay
  • Extractions
  • Treating broken or displaced teeth
  • Identification of surgical and orthodontic issues

To begin building on a thorough prevention plan, it’s widely recommended that your child have his or her first dental visit, at our south Tampa pediatric dental clinic and Wesley Chapel pediatric dental clinic, when their first teeth start appearing. Early initial visits and regular follow-ups are encouraged for enhanced growth, appearance and self-confidence. Your child will eventually identify dental visits as an opportunity for staying healthy with fantastic smile.

Orthodontics involves treating alignment and asymmetry of the teeth and the jaw. Any orthodontic needs for your child should be determined at a young age so that all treatment options remain open. Controlling available space between teeth, and management of eruption of teeth can optimize the chances of having your child’s permanent teeth align without any irregularities. Should gaps, crowding or other imperfections occur, a referral to our orthodontist might be recommended.

Our clinical services includes:

  • IV and Oral Sedation
  • Low Radiation X-Rays
  • Preventive Dentistry
  • Painless Fillings
  • Laser
  • Nitrous Oxide

When you see that first or second tooth coming in, contact McIlwain & Chiaramonte Dentistry & Ahrens Orthodontics for a pediatric dental evaluation at our South Tampa pediatric dentistry and Wesley Chapel pediatric dentistry office. You want nothing but the best for your child so have their smile, confidence and self-esteem grow with us.

For your family’s pediatric dentistry needs, contact our Tampa pediatric dental clinic at 813-879-8097, or you can contact our Wesley Chapel pediatric dental clinic at 813-991-9893. We look forward to knowing your children and watching them grow.

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