Give your child the best Pediatric Dental care service at Mcilwain Dentistry in Tampa

Give your child the best Pediatric Dental care service at Mcilwain Dentistry in Tampa

Pediatric dentistry is all about kids’ oral issues and how to cure them. Kids’ teeth are exposed to the same dangers that adult teeth do. So, taking good care of them is a must and you can do this via the assistance of the best pediatric office in South Tampa. We, Mcilwain & Chiaramonte Dentistry and Ahrens Orthodontics, are the best dentists for kids. Our goal is to identify dental problems early to keep your children from gum disease, tooth decay, crowded teeth, crooked teeth and bad breath. Moreover, our biggest aim is to maintain your child’s healthy and beautiful smile while nurturing a long-term relationship with you. Offering you Board Certified Pediatric Dentists, our office boasts a wide range of services that ensure that your child’s oral health is always maintained.

Our dental services for children

When parents bring their children to our South Tampa pediatric dental office, we hold an appointment with them first. We do this to determine the best service to offer the child. We have a number of services and they include the following:

  • Nutrition education – Some oral issues such as scurvy and weak bones and teeth are triggered by dental deficiencies. Vitamin D, calcium, and vitamin C are some of the most important nutrients for your teeth. When you visit our pediatric office, we will teach you more about diet and nutrition and how it affects your child’s oral health.
  • Dental hygiene lessons – The most common cause of dental problems in children is wrong dental hygiene practices. Our dentists will offer you lessons about oral hygiene to help you take care of your child’s gums and teeth.
  • Tooth decay diagnosis, treatment and prevention – Our pediatric dentists are trained on how to diagnose cavities and treat them. They will do anything at all to avoid tooth extractions, such as capping teeth with crowns. Whatever cause of action our pediatrics take, you can rest assured that it’s the right one. Besides treating you, the dentist will educate you on how to protect the rest of the teeth from cavities.
  • Tooth extractions – Our dentists don’t always pull out kids’ teeth because they have decayed beyond repair. Sometimes they extract overcrowded tooth to leave just one set of teeth. If there is need to straighten teeth and push them back to their perfect position, our pediatric dentist will do so. If your kid’s teeth are so cracked and damaged that they are slightly above the gum line, he or she needs a special tooth extraction service.
  • Broken or displaced teeth – Kids have rough games that lead to abrupt and dangerous falls and bangs. These accidents could cause teeth and gum injuries; a child could break a tooth or lose it completely. We treat such cases as emergencies; feel free to call us.
  • Identification of orthodontic and surgical problems – Some dental issues can only be treated through surgery or alignment of teeth and jaw. If your kid’s teeth are aching so badly and the gums and cheeks seem swollen, take it urgently to a doctor. Issues such spaces between teeth, crowded teeth, misaligned teeth and other teeth issues can only be treated by a trained orthodontist.

So feel free to visit our pediatric dental office in Tampa where we offer effective, affordable and painless pediatric dentistry.

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